Henlo again 😁

Hi there, what’s going on, everybody 👋🏽 welcome to my new home on the internet! My name is nesha, you should refer me as an idiot, and I will be your host in my … own personal blog here. LOL. Been a while since the last time I logged into my WordPress account. But no, I didn’t forget my WordPress password. But been a minute now I have been wanting to say hello, and today I finally have enough courage to do so, write again.

So, if you’re joining me over from #moe404 🙏🏽 I really appreciate all the support over the past literally a couple of years. Since the first time I created it back in 2018, that blog has been my main platform to write about anime before then I was gone hiatus. I checked it just now, my last writing there was posted on Jan’ 30th this year, contains a review of an anime called Violet Evergarden.

It was nice writing for the blog, and it was fun as well. But with everything that was going on in my life, it was pretty heavy to invest myself in writing about anime every week. But I’m pretty surprised that until now the blog still getting about 50 views each day 😮 despite no one is taking care of it. I mean, well, 50 views per day is not much, but I was estimating literally zero views. So, I’m pretty surprised.

One Piece, poster of the Wano Country arc.

I guess there’s still life in #moe404, and maybe I will breathe more life into it one day in the future. Or maybe, now I’m thinking as well to migrate all the posts to Medium, because there I can get a few cents whenever people read it. 🤤 But I dunno. I still love WordPress more.

Anyways, as you’ve guessed it … I still love watching anime! As I always wrote it when I still blog in #moe404 🍜 anime is always fun from whenever you see it. The fandom is literally a blessing for me.

To this day I’m still following One Piece 🦜 which currently is still the longest anime I’ve been following, seating at 20 seasons and 940 episodes. And the last movie I watched was Mutafukaz (MFKZ), which was more than just a fine experience. You know … if I was still active on the anime blog, I would definitely write a long-ass review about it, describing how cool and clumsy the animation was, how weird the characters are, and how good the storytelling is. I can see myself now writing those, and it should’ve been fun. Haha..,..

But then again, maybe you’re wondering 🤔 why don’t I just go back to writing on the anime blog instead of starting on a whole new blog. Well, the real intention of this ‘personal’ blog is for me not to be bound by anything, like stats or views, or how much I should write, or conversations and things that I promised to do, like this anime to be discussed or that anime to be reviewed.

It’s all awkward up here in my head 🧠 but I want to write about a lot of things too besides just about anime. I tried to get personal on the anime blog, I wrote about a lot of things about me, including my past and family —of which probably was an interesting read for some readers, but not for many I bet, because it was too deliberate, and— I don’t think it’s really fit into the whole moe and broad the anime blog was.

I want to write about my study, I want to write about my thoughts 🍌 I want to share stuff that I found online. And I hope here, there will be a chance for me to answer some blog awards as well. And yea, the main reasons why I never replied to any blog awards that were thrown at #moe404 or at me is that first, I don’t think posting about blog awards on an anime blog seems to be legit, especially since I only want that blog to be just about anime, like a library; and second, I didn’t have a personal blog.

But here I am, finally having it. But don’t expect too much. I created this one blog not for other people, but for myself. Also, I still can’t speak nor write proper English 🤦🏽‍♀️ so still the same, my writings here will be as messy as my writings on the anime blog, but maybe everything is gonna be just a little bit shorter this time.

Anyhow, it’s been more than two decades I’ve lived my life, and I’ve achieved nothing. The anime blog was great, but it’s still far from a successful attempt at leaving a mark in this big, big world. These days, I spend most of my time making money 💰 at home, but I’m planning to spend my free time writing again, talk about anime and stuff that I’m into, or just spilling my heart and thoughts out of my head and chest.

I might get bored again with writing 🥺 in no time I bet. But I hope in the meantime this can make my day-to-day life less boring. Anyhow, next to my second blog post, I will be creating the about me page, and the plan is to make everything as simple as possible.

Also, I guess everybody knows that I’m all that awkward and clumsy and difficult to talk to, but I always love making internet friends 🤗 so don’t be shy to speak to me. I’ll do my best. In case you’re wondering where to say hello to me, I’m always available on my Twitter @nesha5971!

58 thoughts on “Henlo again 😁

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    posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your гss feed and I’m hoping you write once more verу soon!

  2. Well, welcome back! I like to blog, even though I am not that good of a writer, it’s because I like to meet new friends…and see how the world looks like in their side of the globe!

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    1. Thank you for the welcome! 🤗

      And you have a beautiful blog, you read a lot, and it’s inspirational! I kinda want to share my favorite songs that I enjoy every week, just like your Music Monday.

  5. So good to meet you Neesha––and I totally applaud you for focusing your newest blog on expressing what’s going on for you and being real with this. So important to do, and I’m going to follow your blog. ❤
    Bless you. Debbie

    1. Aaaaa … been a long time since the last time I read about your adventures 😆 I’m happy to see you here, too!

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